We are NW Wyoming's local USPSA Club! Join us on the second Sunday of each month! 

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April 28, 2013 - Wind River Shooters Match

March 3, 2013
Wind may have ultimately skunked the match, but everyone got some shoting in before the targets themselves went airborne.  Video courtesy of Chris Clymore.

Cody Action Shooters' 6 Nov 2011 Kickoff "Demo Match" photos and videos

Our initial Kickoff "Demo Match" went fantastically! Despite the ominous weather the day before, we had a great turnout Sunday morning (Nov 6, 2011). Considering it never got above freezing and the wind came up strongly, the support and enthusiasm was very encouraging. We are excited about the future of our brand new USPSA club! Our official match season will open in March 2012 and cannot come soon enough for us now!  

View two videos from our Demo match of 11/6 by clicking below:


Video of Rob Cook Shooting Stage 2 of Cody Action Shooters’  6 Nov 2011 – “Demo Match”





Video of Damian Haberstroh Shooting Stage 3 of Cody Action Shooters’  6 Nov 2011 – “Demo Match”  








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